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May 17, 2010


hi karey! i met you at your book signing at costco yesterday and i wanted to stop by and tell you it was so nice talking to you. i admire so much women who are wives and mothers and also find time to follow their passion and be writers. i'm so happy to have met you, and i hope your signing went well. i'm sure i'll be seeing you around the blogosphere.


err, i meant to say "i so admire." i need to learn how to proof-read my comments before i hit post. :)

Thanks for writing, Alexis! I've thought about you a couple of times since meeting you yesterday. I was impressed with what a grounded, peaceful woman you are--and that adorable little boy of yours. Sigh, makes me miss my kids when they were little. The signing went incredibly well, thanks, and I'm really enjoying meeting people--especially after being a hermit for so long!

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