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March 12, 2010


I would love to have the opportunity to interview Cynthia. I have followed her work for the last couple of years and we offer RSS of her blog at our Ning site, RAW INcK (Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana). After a year and a half of hosting this Ning with the juniors enrolled in my class, we are starting to pick up some steam at 500 members of the network. Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity. Whoever you select will have the chance to interact with a real treasure within the current YA scene.

It's truly all about asking the right questions... I have a satchel full of questions and would love to have opportunity to ask a few..!
k kosko

I would love to be apart of this! Thanks!
twitter- teacher6th

Thanks for the message via Goodreads about this! I'm excited!

~C.E. Thornton

This is such a cool idea! I'm psyched. :)

Hi! The website worked this time! Thanks for the Goodreads message about this! I'd love to to participate!

THis may be one of the questions I will be asking if i get the chance to interview her :What inspires you most to write down what you feel each day as an author and turning your life story into a book where even though your felings don't shine through but it still allows you to connect with millions of readers out there in the world all by just taking up that pen and paper or just turning on the computer and start writing away? Ps: i am a budding author who loves to connect with other authors around the globe!)

I'd love to enter! Thanks!

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